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Surname Zacherla - Meaning and Origin

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Zacherla: What does the surname Zacherla mean?

The surname Zacherla is of German origin and is derived from the German personal name Zacharias. It is thought to be related to the Greek word zēchyros, meaning ‘remembered’ or ‘renowned’.

In its native German, the name translates to ‘remembered or renowned leader’ and is thought to be a Pachelbel variant, originating with the Baroque composer. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Zacherl family was based in the southern regions of the German states, specifically in the principality of Baden and various Rhineland lands like the palatinate of Zweibrücken.

The Zacherla surname is believed to have first begun to spread beyond Germany to other European countries when Germans embarked on their quest for a ‘golden opportunity’. This includes countries like Hungary, Romania, France, Switzerland, and ultimately, the United States. Some members of the Zacherla family, especially those who bore the title of ‘Freiherr’, or nobleman, as they were amongst the first German immigrants arriving in the United States from Europe in the mid-1800s.

Today, the name continues to be found around the world with Zacherla people settling in different corners of the globe, defying cultural boundaries. It is a reminder of how family names can transcend time, eras, and cultures.

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Zacherla: Where does the name Zacherla come from?

The last name Zacherla is primarily found in Poland and other Eastern European countries. In Poland, the surname is most concentrated in the Greater Poland region, in and around the cities of Poznań and Bydgoszcz. Outside of Eastern Europe, this surname is also found in the United States, where it is most common in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

In its Polish origin, the surname Zacherla is derived from the nicknames Zachary and Zachery, which are themselves derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah meaning “God has remembered.” It has been assumed that people bearing this name are descended from someone named Zechariah or Zachary.

In the United States, there is speculation that the surname was carried down from one of the many 17th- and 18th-century German immigrants with the same last name. In the mid-1800s, there was a surge of immigration from Germany and, at the same period, many individuals with the surname Zacherla began to appear in the U.S. Census.

Today, the surname Zacherla is much more scattered across different countries but still continues to thrive in Eastern Europe and in the United States. Those with the surname mostly trace their heritage to either Poland or Germany.

Variations of the surname Zacherla

The surname Zacherla is believed to have originated in Austria or Bavaria. It is a variation of the German name Sachar, which is derived from the Hebrew term meaning ‘righteous’ or ‘just.’ The spelling of the name Zacherla can vary depending on the locale or even a personal preference for the phonetics of the name. Further, there are several surnames that have a similar derivation from the surname Zacherla.

Variations of the surname Zacherla include Sachar, Zacherl, Zacherle, Zacherley, Zacherli, and Zacherly. All of these variations represent a slight difference in the spelling or pronunciation of the name. Additionally, the surname Zeiger, which means ‘finger’ or ‘pointer’, could also be a derivative of the surname Zacherla.

In Austria, it is also common to find the surname called Saar or Saarer. This spelling is more closely related to Sachar, the original Hebrew root of the name. It is likely that the spelling of the name changed over time in different areas of the country due to phonetics and language differences.

In Bavaria, the surname Zeigl is believed to be a truncated version of the surname Zacherla. It also has the meaning of ‘finger’ or ‘pointer’, though is highly likely to have been derived from the original Hebrew root of the name.

A variation of the surname that is found primarily amongst Bavarian-speaking populations is Zaglauer. This name has the same meaning as Zacherla, but is pronounced and spelled differently. Other forms of this surname include Zuglau, Zaigl, and Zagler.

Finally, the German surnames Sachler and Zichler are believed to originate from the Zacherla surname as well. The spelling of both of these names slightly change the meaning of the original name, yet keeps the same general origin.

Overall, the surname Zacherla has many surnames which share a similar origin yet may be spelled and pronounced differently. The variants may vary depending on the region in which the individual is located, though the original derivation of the name is still traceable.

Famous people with the name Zacherla

  • Josep Zacherla: Former President of FC Barcelona and businessman
  • Rob Zacherla: Award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer
  • Will Zacherla: Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematographer
  • Javier Zacherla: Spanish international footballer
  • Hector Zacherla: Venezuelan baseball player in the Chicago Cubs Minor League
  • George E. Zacherla: Former Louisiana State Senator
  • Paul Zacherla: US Air Force Major and decorated Vietnam War veteran
  • Greg Zacherla: US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Scott Zacherla: Former professional ice hockey player
  • Ralph Zacherla: Professional music manager for prominent recording artists

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