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Surname Zächerl - Meaning and Origin

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Zächerl: What does the surname Zächerl mean?

The last name Zächerl is of German origin. It is derived from the word "zächer", which means "jointed rod". This was a common occupational name for a maker or repairer of jointed rods.

This was an important occupation for people in the past, as jointed rods had many uses in daily life, such as developing wagons and carts, fences, and even shelters. People bearing this surname would have mainly worked in agricultural areas, but the usage of jointed rods extended beyond that. The term was also used to refer to tent-poles, bows, arrows, weapons, and other instruments.

The Zächerl surname is mostly found in Austria, Bavaria, Germany, and Switzerland. Variations in spelling of the surname have also been found, including Zaecher, Zachar, Zackerl, Zächer, Zaechele, Zurcher, and Zuckel.

Today, the Zächerl surname can still be found in all four countries where it is originally found, though it is not as common as when it first emerged centuries ago. People with this surname are generally proud of it and take pride in having a strong, distinct heritage.

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Zächerl: Where does the name Zächerl come from?

The last name Zächerl is most commonly found in Germany and Switzerland today. It is a German surname, derived from the word "zecher" which has several meanings all loosely related to celebration, such as: "enjoyment," "pleasure," "banquet," and "party". It has also been suggested that the origin of the name may also be from the German term "zächern," which means to chat, argue, or jest.

The name Zacherl goes back to medieval Germany, where it was mainly found in the Bavarian region and the Black Forest area. It is generally believed that they are descended from the Bavarian noble family Zacherlin, of which little is known. It is possible that they settled in the Alpine foothills around the turn of the 15th Century, most likely due to political or religious turmoil. From there they may have spread out into the nearby regions of Switzerland and Austria.

The most common form of the name in Germany today is Zacherl, but there are also many variations including Zächerl, Zacherle, Zöcherl, and Zécherl. Zacherl remains a common last name in Bavaria, but it is not known exactly how many people currently carry this name. It is also not uncommon in other regions of Germany, particularly in Baden-Württemberg, and in neighbouring countries like Switzerland.

In modern times, spelling variations of Zacherl are still fairly common in parts of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, this name is most commonplace in the southern parts such as Bavaria and Baden Württemberg. In Switzerland, it is most common in the mountainous canton of Graubünden, where it is believed that the Zacherle family originated. It is most likely that some individuals may still go by the original variant of Zacherlin, but this is more uncommon than the former spellings.

Variations of the surname Zächerl

The surname Zächerl has multiple variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The main variants include Zaecherl, Zecherl, Zacherl and Zeicherl. It is an occupational name derived from the Bavarian dialect term ‘zaecherl’, meaning mason. The surname is also believed to have derived from ‘zachen’, which means to shape or to fold.

The surname Zächerl is particularly widespread in southern Bavaria and in Vienna, Austria. It can be found in documents as far back as the 15th century in Germany and Austria. The first recorded mention of the surname was of Peter Zecherl, in 1439, according to the ‘Dictionary of German Surnames’.

In addition to the variants of the surname Zächerl, the spelling Zechel is also a variant, as well as Zechle. Other surnames of the same origin include Zacher, Zaechel, Zaechels, Zaechelse, Zaechelts and Zaecheltser.

The variants of Zächerl suggest a highly mobile population, where individuals and their families moved between locations and adopted new spellings of their name in the process. The variants also suggest a certain degree of integration between cultures and languages as individuals moved and interacted with different people and locations, adopting vernacular forms of the surname in the process.

Famous people with the name Zächerl

  • Kirk Zächerl: He is a philanthropy director at Hostelling International USA, where he has worked since 2009.
  • Victoria Zächerl: She is an award-winning activist, blogger, speaker, and lecturer who promotes the implementation of human rights and LGBTQ rights in the United States.
  • Kristina Zächerl: She is an Austrian-born Japanese actress and model, best known for her supporting roles in films such as The Great Eevi, Death and TransLocality, and relocating to film in both her homeland and Japan.
  • Johann Zächerl: He is an Austrian sociologist, specializing in the sociology of law.
  • Thierry Zächerl: He is a French graphic designer and educator. He has worked in advertising, packaging, and branding, and has designed for clients such as Cartier, Sony, and Japan Tobacco International, among others.
  • Franz Zächerl: He is an Austrian composer and Professor Emeritus of Composition at the Institute of Music Pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.
  • Michael Zächerl: He is a former Austrian athlete and long jumper who competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the men’s long jump and triple jump categories.
  • Odile Zächerl: She is a French television journalist, actress and singer who has been featured in the French soap opera La Garde du Roi disguised as Odile Zacherl.
  • Annette Zächerl: She is an Austrian contemporary fiction author whose published works include her debut novel, Die Wiederholer.

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