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Surname Zacherias - Meaning and Origin

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Zacherias: What does the surname Zacherias mean?

The last name Zacherias is an ancient Hebrew name. Its literal meaning is "one who recalls God." It is believed to have originated from the Hebrew name Zachary, which is derived from the Hebrew words zakar and yah, meaning "to remember" and "God" respectively.

Zacherias is a popular name among Jews and is traditionally given to those who wish to be remembered by God and to be part of His divine plan. Throughout the centuries, it has become a symbol of spirituality, faith, and trust in God.

The name Zacherias is also associated with the tradition of rabbinical teaching. In this instance, the name points to a teacher or someone with high spiritual knowledge. It is believed that this was the purpose of the name when the prophet Zachariah in the Old Testament was given the name Zacheria (Zechariah).

In modern times, the name Zacherillas is most commonly found and used in the United States and parts of Europe. Although the name is historically associated with the Jewish community, it is also used by people of other cultures and faiths, including Christians and Muslims.

The name Zacherias has its roots in ancient Hebrew culture, but it is still very much alive today. Its timeless message of faith, spirituality and remembrance is something that is still relevant and can help many facing hardships or times of uncertainty.

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Zacherias: Where does the name Zacherias come from?

The last name Zacherias is most commonly found in Germany today. It is of German origin and is thought to be derived from the Hebrew name Zacaryah which means “God remembers”.

The name is very popular, especially in the southern regions of Germany which is where it originated. It is also found in some parts of Austria and Switzerland. It can also be found in other parts of Europe such as Romania, Latvia, Netherlands, and France.

In the United States, there are small numbers of people with this last name. Those descended from immigrants who left Germany and other European countries in the mid-1800s often have the last name Zacherias today. The name can also be seen amongst German-Americans who are descendants of the early settlers and immigrants of the 1700s.

In 2020, the United States Census revealed that there were approximately 500 people with the last name Zacherias living in the United States. This is a relatively low number when compared to other European-origin names, but reveals that there is a presence in the United States.

Overall, the last name Zacherias is most commonly found in Germany, mainly in the southern regions. It is also found in other European countries and in the United States. The number of people within the United States who bear this last name is small, but its presence here reveals its relevance to America’s expatriate population.

Variations of the surname Zacherias

The surname Zacherias has a few variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common spelling of Zacherias is Zacharias. This is the Greek spelling of the name, and it is also shared as a first name. Other variants and spellings of this surname include Zachariah, Zackeries, Zackery, Zacarias, Zacaria, Zackariah, Zackarish, and Zaccary.

The surname Zacherias is also linked to a number of other surnames that have similar origins. These include Zacharow, Zachkus, Zachos, Zachour, Zaccor, Zachert, Zaehringer, Zahn, Zain, and Zainer. Most of these surnames originated from German cultures, with some stemming from other European regions or the Middle East region.

Another variation of the surname Zacherias is Sacharias, and it is mainly found in Jewish families. Sacharias is the Hebrew equivalent of Zacharias and is derived from the Hebrew word for ‘God remembers’. This variation has not been popularised as a last name, though it is a fairly common first name in Jewish communities.

The surname Zacherias is also linked to a number of other surnames across various cultures. It is found in various parts of the world, and is a common and popular surname in many countries.

Famous people with the name Zacherias

  • Zachary Quinto: actor known for his roles in the Star Trek reboot films, Heroes, So Notorious, Stranger Things, and more.
  • Sacha Zimmerman: Israeli journalist and political commentator.
  • Moses Zacharias: German-Jewish biblical scholar and writer.
  • Elisabeth Zacherias: 1917 Olympic gold medalist for Switzerland in the women’s 800 meters.
  • Kambon Zacharias: professional American soccer player.
  • Michael Zacherias: German playwright and cabaret comedian.
  • Bob Zacherias: American football defensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Christine Zacherias: internationally renowned photographer.
  • Sarah Zacherias: South African cricketer who plays for the Free State cricket team.
  • Natasha Zacherias: American actor known for her roles in The Boys and Hostel: Part II.

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