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Surname Zachari - Meaning and Origin

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Zachari: What does the surname Zachari mean?

The last name Zachari is a variant spelling of the Jewish surname “Zakhar.” It is derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah, which, in turn, is derived from the Hebrew verb “zakhar,” meaning to remember or to recollect. The name Zachari is generally found in the countries of either Greece or Israel, and some people bearing the surname may find that their ancestors were once Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe.

In Jewish tradition, the name Zechariah is often associated with the prophet, who was a figure of great importance within the faith. He is credited with writing the book of Zechariah in the Hebrew Bible, which is filled with prophecies about the future of the Jewish people. It therefore stands to reason that those carrying the last name of Zachari may find that there is a great sense of spiritual significance surrounding their name. This could result in a greater spiritual awareness of their character and heritage.

There is a strong sense of continuity tied to the name Zachari, which may mean that individuals of this surname take extra measures to ensure that their family lines and values are passed on from one generation to the next. Furthermore, the symbolic meaning may manifest in greater care and respect for others in order to ensure that people are remembered and appreciated for who they are.

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Zachari: Where does the name Zachari come from?

The last name Zachari is most commonly found in the island countries of Cyprus, Greece, and Lebanon. It is believed to originate from the biblical name Zacharias, a variant of Zechariah, and is derived from the Hebrew for “God has remembered”.

In Cyprus, it is the third most common surname, with individuals of this name and its variants making up 5.2% of the Cypriot population. Zachari is a variant of the phrase Zacharodimitriou, which is the Greek form of the Hebrew 'God has remembered'. In Greece, the surname Zachari is found most often in the region of Thessaly, in Central Greece, with a smaller but significant presence in the Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands.

In Lebanon, the name Zacharia is a variant of the more common surname Zarka. People of this surname are primarily based in Eastern Lebanon. It is likely that this name has a familial connection to those in Cyprus and Greece given the continuous migration of people between the three regions over the centuries.

Overall, the surname Zachari is found across the Eastern Mediterranean region, still carrying its meaning of 'God has remembered' throughout generations.

Variations of the surname Zachari

The surname Zachari, is a variant of Zaccharias that has its roots in the Hebrew name Zacharias. Zachari has been found across a variety of cultures and languages and is most likely derived from the biblical figure Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. In its original language it was composed of the elements "zakar", which means to remember, and "iah", which signifies God.

Spellings and variants of Zachari have evolved over time, and the surnames stemming from it can take a variety of forms. Zachariah is a common variant of the name, or surnames like Zachary or Zacharoff.

For Polish speakers, Zachari could take the form Szachara, Sachara, Ssakara, Szacharia, or Sacharia. It could also be found as Zackeer in Arabic, Zachariassen in Dutch, or Sachaar in Persian.

In the United States, many surnames have been Americanized from their original foreign forms, and so many descendants of supplanted Zachari might find their surname under a different spelling. These might include Sachar, Zaccaria, Zacari, Zacharia, Sacharras, Zacarra, Sacher, Zuker, Schirman, Sakor, or Sakarra.

Zachari has also taken on spelling variations to reflect the culture of the speakers, such as Jachero in Portugese, Saxaire in French, or Zachar in Czech.

No matter what spelling or name is adopted, the surname Zachari will always remain connected to its origin stemming from the Hebrew figures, meaning "God remembers".

Famous people with the name Zachari

  • Brad Zacharias: A professional sound designer, music mixer and film production sound engineer who has collaborated on a number of films such as Singles, Magic in the Water, and That's What She Said.
  • Christopher Zachari: A professional guitarist known for performing with Love infallible and is a regular studio musician.
  • Dominick Zachari: A professional football player for the Minnesota Vikings and was selected in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL draught.
  • Louis Zacharias: A late member of the Greek resistance during World War II who received the Greek War Cross of Valor for his heroic actions.
  • Russell Zacharias: A known writer and AI specialist who penned over 50 publications and served as a senior scientist at IBM Watson, specializing in artificial intelligence.
  • Thomas Zachari: A Creative Director with experience specializing in advertising, editorial design and brand strategy consulting.
  • Tyler Zachari: An Instagram influencer and former professional basketball player.
  • Vance Zachari: A professional boxer known for competing during the 2000s in the light heavyweight division who currently resides in England.
  • Viktor Zachari: A YouTube vlogger from Sweden who uploads a variety of different videos such as vlogs, gaming content and personal stories.

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