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Surname Zächer - Meaning and Origin

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U. Zächer

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Zächer: What does the surname Zächer mean?

The last name Zächer (sometimes also spelled Zaecher) is of German origin and is usually found among people living in Austria and Germany. It is an occupational surname, derived from the German word "Zecher," meaning "drinker." In the Middle Ages, it was often used to describe someone who brewed and sold alcoholic beverages, or ran a tavern.

The root of the surname Zächer comes from an ancient Germanic word meaning "to thirst." According to its Middle High German form, "zæchen," it was thought to be derived from a verb meaning "to thirst," which suggests that it was originally bestowed as an occupational nickname on someone who was especially skilled at brewing and serving beer or ale.

In the modern times, Zächer can also refer to a person who is a regular patron of a bar or tavern, a faithful attendee at a local watering hole. In some cases, the surname may refer more generally to someone who enjoys the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The current spelling of the name is Zächer, formerly spelled Zecher in some dialects. Zächer can also be spelled Zecher in various dialects. Some variations of the name include Zacher, Zocher, Zercher, Zechert, Zacherl and Zacherly.

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Zächer: Where does the name Zächer come from?

The last name Zächer is very rare today, with less than 160 existing records in the international genealogical database. It is most commonly found in Switzerland and Germany, two countries known for the preservation of family history.

In Switzerland, the last name Zächer is seen in the canton of Schwyz, where it is known as a patronymic form of the German word “Zächer”, which means “glitter” or “shimmer”. In Germany, the surname is also fairly common in Nordrhein Westfalen and Rheinland Pfalz. It is also found in Austria and Liechtenstein, where it is most commonly spelled “Zährer”.

The Zächer family is known to have traveled and immigrated to the United States, Australia, and Canada. In the United States, the surname is most often found in New York, Florida, and Texas. In Canada, the name is mostly found in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

If you are looking for information on the Zächer family tree, the best source of information is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). There are records that have been collected from records all over Europe, which can be accessed through the LDS FamilySearch website.

Unfortunately, not much other information is available about the Zächer family today. However, if you are researching your family’s background, there are plenty of resources available to help you discover more about your ancestry.

Variations of the surname Zächer

The surname Zächer is a patronymic surname derived from a given name commencing with the letter "Z" which is returning to fashion in current times. It is also a variant of the German surname Zaech. Historically, the name has been spelled phonetically as Zacher, Zaecher, Zaecker, Zechar, Zechar, Zeckar, Zecher, and Zachar, although in many documents the spelling altered depending on the preference of the individual transcriber.

In the 17th century, many variations of Zächer were found in the Protestant Church records. In southwestern Germany, they appear as Zecher, Zacher, Zeckar, Zeckar and Zacher, and sometimes as Zächer. The spelling variant Zaecher can also be found in the small Thuringian city of Heiligenstadt im Eichsfeld. Further north, the variants Zeckor, Zeckar, Zecker, Zagar and Zähzer have all been used.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Zeckar and Zaecher were found in northern Germany, especially in the East Frisian towns of Norden, Aurich, Leer and Emden. Variants Zecher, Zeckar and Zecher were also found in western Germany. In the 16th century, Zechner was recorded in the northeast German town of Kamenz, Zecar in the Thuringian city of Gotha and Zecker in the small Bavarian town of Neumarkt.

Surname variations of Zächer also spread to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that were part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Examples include Začer, Zecser, Zahčer, Zákér and Začer. Variations of Zächer also ventured their way to the US where Zacher, Zecker and Zachar became more common.

Famous people with the name Zächer

  • Martin Zächer (soccer player)
  • Luca Zaech (DJ and songwriter)
  • Sandra Zächer (golfer)
  • Erich Zächer (runner and athlete)
  • Paul Zächer (football coach)
  • Andreas Zächer (swimmer)
  • Sabine Zächer (golfer)
  • Stella Zächer (athlete)
  • Eva Zächer (skier)
  • Roger Zächer (historian and author)
  • Reinhard Zächer (politician and lawyer)
  • Karina Zächer (singer and songwriter)
  • Udo Zächer (architect)
  • Maria Zächer (golfer)
  • Heinz Zächer (biologist)
  • Wolfgang Zächer (organist and composer)
  • Lothar Zächer (musician)
  • Philipp Zächer (philosopher)
  • Markus Zächer (researcher and professor)
  • Monika Zächer (figure skater)

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