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Surname Zagorianski - Meaning and Origin

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Zagorianski: What does the surname Zagorianski mean?

The last name Zagorianski is a Polonized form of a Ukrainian surname, Zakharovs'kyy. It is derived from the given name Zakhary, which means “remember/grandfather/elder”. The -ski ending is a common way of denoting people from a particular region.

The surname Zagorianski was likely borne by families who were related to or descended from people originally from Zagór, which is a settlement in southeastern Poland, located near the Ukrainian border in the Lublin Voivodeship. It is believed that the original surname Zakharovs'kyy was adopted by local families when this area was part of the Kingdom of Poland and later became part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The surname Zagorianski is a noble name that indicates a family of high social status. It is believed that the original bearer of the surname Zakharovs'kyy was a nobleman of some renown. Over the centuries, these families passed on their hereditary titles, which could be used to enter the Polish nobility.

Today, the surname Zagorianski is common in Poland and other Slavic countries. It is also popular among descendants of Polonized Ukrainians who have immigrated to other countries, such as the United States. It is associated with a history of nobility, and all those who bear the name can take pride in their family heritage.

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Zagorianski: Where does the name Zagorianski come from?

The last name Zagorianski is now commonly found in many countries in Eastern Europe, particularly in Poland.

The name is derived from the word 'zagorzyć', Polish for 'to rise' or 'to ascendant', and is linked to the nobiliary gleam of Zagoria, an old city now in what is now Ustrzyki Dolne, South Eastern Poland. The name first became popular in the 18th century, when people were keen to emphasize and strengthen pagantry connections. In essence, the fact that one had a name derived from Zagoria- rather than a popular common name- suggested that the family was of nobility or had certain privileges and riches.

Zagorianski's are now found in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere, with some emigrants taking the name to countries such as Germany, the USA and the UK in recent decades. Though the name was traditionally associated with nobility, today it is much more commonplace, with members of the family scattered around the world.

Variations of the surname Zagorianski

The surname Zagorianski is of noble origins and is found predominantly in Poland, with some frequencies in other European countries. Variations and spellings of the surname include Zagorzanski, Zagorski, Zagorzanskii, and Zagorzanskiy, all of which are patronymic surnames originating from the Polish given name Zagor.

The surname is spelled differently depending on the language it is spelled in. Variations of the surname are also found in other Slavic languages, such as the Belarusian "За́горскі" and the Ukrainian "Заґорський". It could also be written as Загоровский in Cyrillic.

The earliest known record of the surname can be found in the 1468 census of the Polish town of Ryzhan, where a man with the surname Zagorianski is documented. By the end of the 16th century, the family had established itself in many of the towns across North-Eastern Poland. In 1777, the Zagorianski family was included in the "list of noble families" of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The surname is also associated with many noble families in Poland, including the Zagiorski, Zakarovski, Zarzeczewski, and Zmarlak-Horyczanski families. In addition, variants of the surname, including Zagor, are still widely used to this day in Poland.

The surname Zagorianski is an intriguing and distinct surname, tracing its origins to the Polish language as well as to many noble families. The variations and spellings of the surname can vary from region to region, language to language, yet they all share the same origin and family lineage.

Famous people with the name Zagorianski

  • Cade Zagorianski: A professional hockey player who currently plays for the Arizona Coyotes in the National Hockey League (NHL).
  • Denis Zagorianski: A retired footballer from Belarus who played for several clubs in Belarus and Lithuania.
  • Jakub Zagorianski: A middle distance runner from Poland who has had success at European and World Championship level.
  • Maksim Zagorianski: A former professional basketball player who retired in 2015 after an impressive career with several teams in Europe.
  • Peter Zagorianski: A Paralympic athlete from the United States who competes in both track and field events.
  • Piotr Zagorianski: A former professional football player who played for several clubs in Poland.
  • Robert Zagorianski: A filmmaker from the United States who has directed several feature films and documentaries.
  • Roman Zagorianski: A former mixed martial arts fighter from Belarus who competed professionally from 2011 to 2014.
  • Val Zagorianski: A former Ukrainian freestyle wrestler who won two bronze medals at the World Wrestling Championships.
  • Vladimir Zagorianski: A Russian sailor who has won two World Championships in windsurfing.

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