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Surname Zagajewski - Meaning and Origin

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Zagajewski: What does the surname Zagajewski mean?

The last name Zagajewski is a Polish surname, derived from the root word “zagaj” meaning a grove or a thicket of trees. This suggests that the original bearer of the name was someone who lived near a grove of trees, or someone who was responsible for maintaining the grove. The name is also related to the Polish verb “zagajać”, meaning to cover, suggesting that the person was one who took great care of their environment.

Throughout the years, the Zagajewski surname has remained a popular one in Poland. The name is most commonly borne by people belonging to the Lemko ethnicity, an Eastern Slavic people of the Carpathian Mountains region of Poland. The Lemkos were a fiercely independent people, having endured centuries of oppression and even partitions.

Although the exact meaning and origin of the surname Zagajewski remain unknown, the name is nonetheless still tied to the region of the Carpathians and its people. It is a surname for a people who proudly maintain their heritage and customs to this day. It is also a testament to a strong Polish connection to the natural environment, with the element of the grove of trees being an important part of the symbol behind the name.

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Zagajewski: Where does the name Zagajewski come from?

The last name Zagajewski is of Polish origin and is still associated with modern-day Poland. Data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland shows that this is one of the more common last names in Poland, ranking number 303 of all surnames. It is estimated that there are over 33,000 people with the last name Zagajewski living in Poland today.

The name is also common in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic, according to data from the World Names Profiler. In total, World Names Profiler estimates that there are over 48,000 people with the surname Zagajewski living around the globe today.

Outside of Europe, the surname is less common, but there are still some pockets of Zagajewskis in North and South America. World Names Profiler estimates that about 1,000 people living in the United States and Canada have the last name Zagajewski, and that there are approximately 6,000 people with the name living in all of the Americas.

It is also estimated that there are about 200 people in Argentina, 400 in Mexico, and 200 in Brazil with the surname Zagajewski. Zagajewski is a relatively rare last name beyond Europe, but it is not unheard of.

Variations of the surname Zagajewski

The surname Zagajewski is a Polish surname that is derived from a topographic name meaning "someone who lives near the hare warren". Variations, spellings and other surnames of the same origin for the surname Zagajewski include the following:


The spelling "Zagajecki" is a patronymic surname, derived from "Zagajek", which is a diminutive of the toponym "Zagaj".


This is the most common spelling of the surname.


An alternative feminine version of the name, derived from the male spelling.


An alternative spelling of the surname, derived from the same origins.


This is a variant of the name, deriving from the same origins.


The spelling "Zagajewski" is the most commonly used and accepted version of the surname, derived from the same toponym.


This is a variant of the same surname, which has been used in some parts of Eastern Europe.


A variant form of the surname, derived from the same toponym.


This is a form of the same surname, derived from the same patronymic roots as "Zagayeovski".


This is a variant of the same surname, which is sometimes used in Slavic countries.


This is another variant of the same surname, which has been used in various parts of Europe.


This is a form of the same name, which is sometimes used in Poland.


This is a variant of the same surname, which is often used in Eastern Europe.

Famous people with the name Zagajewski

  • Adam Zagajewski: Polish poet, novelist, and essayist.
  • Lithuan Zagajewski: Polish lawyer, activist, and co-founder of the Solidarity movement.
  • Rafal Zagajewski: Polish entrepreneur and founder of Ashoka-Poland.
  • Marcin Zagajewski: Polish geologist and environmental engineer.
  • Tatiana Zagajewski: Polish sprinter and national track and field champion.
  • Arkadiusz Zagajewski: Polish actor, director, and filmmaker.
  • Jakub Zagajewski: Polish Jazz musician and composer.
  • Tomasz Zagajewski: Polish diplomat, historian, and professor.
  • Zuzanna Zagajewski: Polish artist specializing in painting and drawing.
  • Antonio Zagajewski: Polish basketball player.

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