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Surname Zadrazil - Meaning and Origin

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Zadrazil: What does the surname Zadrazil mean?

The Czech Surname Zadrazil is derived from the old Czech word 'zadrhnout', meaning to 'shut off' or 'bar out'. This suggests the ancestors of the Zadrazil family likely came from a place where natural features like valleys, waterways or even mountains cut through the landscape, providing a natural barrier or 'bar out' point.

The Zadrazil family name has origins in the Czech Republic, particularly in the regions near Prague. Its ancestral roots can be traced to a prominent Bohemian clan, the Zadrzal. The Zadrzal clan was part of a coalition of seven clans known as the “Little Czechs”, resigned to defensive positions against the invading invaders. The Bohemian people in the region were of a Slavic nature, and one of the seven clans in particular, the Zadrzal, developed into the current surname, Zadrazil.

The Zadrazil family name is a proud reminder of the Bohemian people's noble and proud ancestry. Throughout its history, the Zadrazil surname has been linked with traits such as courage, loyalty, hard work and an allegiance to the nation.

Today, the Zadrazil family name is associated with those who live in and around the Czech Republic, and is a reminder of their proud and noble heritage. With its history going back hundreds of years, the Zadrazil family name is a strong reminder of the Bohemian people's resilience and spirit.

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Zadrazil: Where does the name Zadrazil come from?

The last name Zadrazil is quite common today, especially in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. It has its roots in Czech and Slovak, and is derived from the word zadrylit, meaning to free a man from custodial duties and set him as a master of his fields, or perhaps from the German words zu adresse, meaning ‘into the address’.

The surname is still most frequently found in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but especially in the city and district of Drahonice in the Czech Republic. Here, the name Zadrazil is found in nearly every house in the village.

The surname is also popular in other parts of the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. It is especially popular in the US state of Texas, with many examples of the surname being found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In Poland, the surname Zadrazil is also common. It is likely derived from the German name Adresse, and was adopted by Polish immigrants living in Germany in the late 19th century.

In Hungary, the surname is derived from the German word adresse, meaning “address”. It is most frequently found in the city of Budapest. It is also known as Zadryla or Zadrusil in Croatian and Slovenian and is quite common in both countries.

Overall, the last name Zadrazil is quite common in many parts of the world, with its roots in both German and Czech/Slovak. It is especially popular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

Variations of the surname Zadrazil

The surname Zadrazil has multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variations include; Sadrzial, Sadrazel, Sadrazek, Sadrzalek, Sadrazel, Sadraziel, Sadrazkel, Sadrzeal, Sadrzealek, Sadrzelek, Sadrzialek, Sadrzilek, and Zadrzalek.

The Czech origin of this surname is rooted to the old Czech word 'sad', which means 'forest'. It is believed that the original bearer of the surname was a dweller in a forest or forest worker. The meaning of Zadrazil can be translated as 'forest dweller'.

The variations of this surname can be found in multiple countries, such as the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, and Germany. In the Czech Republic, Sadrazel and Sadrazek are most commonly seen as the spelling variations, while in other countries such as Russia, a more extended spelling form is often used.

The origin and meaning of the Zadrazil surname could also imply that the original bearer of this surname was someone who served the forest-related trades. Forest-related trades include forester, timber merchant, woodcutter, woodsman, lumberjack, lumberman and others.

In some cases, the surname Zadrazil can also be a variant of the surname Sadržál. The meaning of this surname can be translated as 'forest' or 'district administrator'. This surname has also been seen as an occupational surname, with the original bearer of this surname being a forest worker or an official that was in charge of overseeing the forest.

In conclusion, the origin and multiple spelling variations of the surname Zadrazil demonstrates its strong roots to the old Czech word 'sad' which means 'forest'.

Famous people with the name Zadrazil

  • Martin Zadrazil: Czech football player
  • Christian Zadrazil: Austrian football coach
  • Rostislav Zadrazil: Czech former hockey player
  • Aleš Zadrazil: Slovak football player
  • Pavol Zadrazil: Slovak professional footballer
  • Radomír Zadrazil: Czech ice hockey goaltender
  • Mykola Zadrazil: Ukrainian footballer
  • Michal Zadrazil: Czech footballer
  • Martin Zadrazil, Jr.: Czech professional footballer
  • August Zadrazil: Austrian football club chairman

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