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Surname Zachow - Meaning and Origin

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Zachow: What does the surname Zachow mean?

The last name Zachow is of German origins, and is a variant of the German surname 'Zachau'. The name has multiple possible meanings, but the most likely origin is from the German 'Zachàu', which is thought to derive from an old German word ‘zahah’ meaning 'judgment'.

The name may also be linked to the word 'Zacharias', which is the German form of the Hebrew name 'Zachariyah'. This name is associated with 'Zechariah', a prophet in Hebrew scripture, which literally means 'God remembers'. This could thus indicate that the original bearer of the surname Zachow was believed to have been related to the prophet or his teachings.

The Zachow name is now spread widely across Europe, and is particularly popular in Poland and Germany. In America, the Zachow name is believed to have originated in Pennsylvania. It is thought that the first Zachow family in America arrived in the United States in the late 17th century, settling in Pennsylvania.

In short, the last name Zachow is likely to have German origins and derived from the word 'zahah', meaning 'judgment', or from the name 'Zechariah', a Hebrew prophet. It became popular across Europe, and first appeared in the United States with a family settling in Pennsylvania in the 17th century.

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Zachow: Where does the name Zachow come from?

The last name Zachow is common today in countries like Germany, Denmark, Poland, and the United States. The Zachow surname is derived from the German word 'Zachauer', which means 'person from a village near Sauers' or 'person from the Saxon area'. The surname Zachow is common mainly in Germany and other parts of central and eastern Europe. In Germany, it is one of the top 500 surnames, held by around 16,000 people. It is also commonly found in Germany's neighbouring countries, such as Denmark and Poland.

In the United States, Zachow is a relatively uncommon last name, held by around 1,500 people. It was brought to the U.S. by German immigrants in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The state of Wisconsin has the highest population of individuals with the Zachow surname in America. Other states with significant populations include Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Outside of the U.S. and Europe, Zachow is an extremely rare last name, with only a few individuals in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India.

Overall, the last name Zachow is most commonly found in Germany, Denmark, Poland, and the United States. It is important to note that there may be variations of spelling for this surname, including Zachow, Zachau, Zach, and Zahau, among others.

Variations of the surname Zachow

The surname Zachow is of German origin, and is a variant of the surname Saczewski. Other variants of this surname include Sachau, Sachawski, Sachewski, Sachowski, Sacks, Sacksen, Sacksow, Sachow, Saczinsky, Saczoswki, Sachowsky, Sachkowska, Sachovka, Sachoov, Sachon, and Sachonski. All of these surnames have evolved over time and have been altered to fit the language or customs of the local region in which they are found.

The spelling of Zachow has changed slightly in the last century mainly due to the fluctuating language standards throughout Germany. Some of the more common spellings include Zachau, Zakou, Sachau, Szachau, Sachova, Sachow, Sachawski, Sachewski, Sachowski, Sachowsky, Sacks, Sacksen, Sacksow, Sachkowska, Sachon, and Sachonski.

The surname Zachow can also be found in a variety of countries that were formerly part of the German Empire. The countries in which the surname Zachow is mostly found include Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. In the United States, the surname is most likely to be seen in Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan, and California.

In general, all of the surnames derived from Zachow share the same origin and mean "son of Zach". This could be seen as a sign of respect, as Zach was a common name in the German-speaking world.

Famous people with the name Zachow

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow (1663-1712): German composer who had an important role in the development of Baroque music.
  • Mary Solfeldt Zachow (1926-2013): American professor of voice studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and specialist in pedagogy.
  • Ryan Zachow: American multiple-time Jeopardy! champion in 2014.
  • Mette-Marit Zachow: Danish artist and writer.
  • Hans Zachow: German decathlete who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics.
  • Kim Zachow: American trial attorney and legal innovator.
  • Jacob Schumacher Zachow (1707-1765): German organist and composer.
  • lieutenant general Mederic Zachow: Senior Canadian Armed Forces commander who was appointed Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff.
  • Eric Zachow: American ice hockey goaltender and coach.
  • Chris Zachow: Former American professional basketball player.

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