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Unraveling Ancestry and Forming Connections: My Experience with the iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Riggins

This review succinctly captures the enlightening experience of using the iGENEA DNA test, exploring the Celtic roots of the surname Riggins, and the connections made with distant relatives and fellow Riggins worldwide through the DNA database.

Taking the iGENEA DNA test was a truly enlightening experience that shed a completely new light on my surname, Riggins. The process was straightforward— a simple swab test that I sent back in the provided package. The results were ready in a reasonable timeframe, and the information I received was comprehensive and enlightening. It turns out that my surname’s roots are deep and extend far beyond what I initially thought.

According to my results, Riggins has Celtic origins, with a strong lineage traceable back to the British Isles. This was an intriguing discovery as I had always associated my name with Germanic roots. Exploring my DNA profile in greater depth revealed some unexpected lineage paths, including Scandinavian and Iberian traces. This potent mix indicates the migratory patterns of my ancestors, providing me with a much broader picture of where I come from.

Another fascinating aspect of the iGENEA DNA test was the connections the database allowed me to make. It turns out there is a whole community of Riggins out there! The chance to engage with individuals that share my surname and a significant part of my genetic makeup was extraordinary. It was heartwarming to connect with distant relatives across the globe and exchange stories and histories, gaining a more rounded understanding of my diverse family tree.

In terms of improvements, the platform's user interface could be more intuitive. Some of the technical genetic terms used could also be simplified, but there's plenty of useful information in the FAQ section.

All in all, the iGENEA DNA test has been an enlightening journey into my past. It not only unraveled the mysteries of my surname, but also allowed me to connect with people sharing the same lineage. It has truly expanded my comprehension of my roots and identity.

C. Riggins

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