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Tracing The Celtic and Neanderthal Influence: A Personal Journey Through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Hudgins

In the pursuit of uncovering my ancestral lineage, I took the comprehensive iGENEA DNA test. The results affirmed a significant Celtic influence linked to my surname, Hudgins. The data delved deeper into geographical migrations, cultural associations, discovery of 'Warrior Gene,' and a surprising connection to the Neanderthal DNA.

As a scientifically-inclined individual eager to uncover more about my ancestral lineage, I recently undertook an iGENEA DNA test. This comprehensive test outlined a DNA path that crossed continents, expanded centuries, and branched out into various interconnected family trees - all of which ultimately led to my surname, Hudgins.

On further analysis of the test results, it was evident that the Hudgins surname highlights a significant Celtic influence. The term Hudgins is of Celtic origin -a cluster of languages who found their roots amongst the early Indo-Europeans. Interestingly, my maternal line displayed indicators of haplogroup H, prevalent amongst the Celtic populations in Western Europe. This revelation suggests a strong Celtic matriarchal heritage that contributes significantly to the Hudgins lineage.

Further, the data suggested a migration pattern starting from western Europe, traversing to the British Isles, and then eventually journeying across the Atlantic to North America. I found this fascinating as it suggests that the Hudgins family has a history of relocation and adaptation.

Apart from geographical traces and cultural influences, intriguingly, my DNA also demonstrated a high concentration of ‘Warrior Gene’ which is associated in pop culture with boldness and aggression, but in actuality, relates to a person's resilience.

Lastly, a notable feature of my results was the detection of Neanderthal DNA. This genetic heritage traces back to the fundamental moments of human evolution, suggesting that I share a robust genetic connection with some of humanity's earliest ancestors.

The iGENEA DNA test, with its insightful revelations, not only helped me trace my roots back into the Celtic origins and our geographical migrations patterns but also offered a thought-provoking understanding of genetic interpretations like the Warrior gene and Neanderthal DNA markers. It was an enlightening journey towards the scientific understanding of my surname, Hudgins, and the rich lineage it incorporates.

Q. Hudgins

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