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Unraveling the Gaelic and Viking Roots of the Gillen Surname Through iGENEA DNA Testing

Family name Gillen

With the help of iGENEA DNA testing, I've discovered the rich historical tapestry behind my surname, Gillen. Originating from the Gaelic traditions of Ireland, this surname has fascinating tales of cultural resilience, societal influence, and traces of Viking heritage. The test results uncovered the distinct journey and historical footprints of the Gillen lineage in North Ireland's ancient Gaelic societies.

As a result of iGENEA DNA testing, I have gained new and profound insights into my paternal lineage and the rich history behind my surname, Gillen. The test has unveiled fascinating narratives and cultural milestones linked to my ancestry, and has provided me with a greater understanding of the unique history of my forebears, one that seems to stretch back centuries.

According to the results from iGENEA, the roots of my surname Gillen can be traced back to the Gaelic origin, specifically from Ireland. The surname Gillen is believed to have been derived from the Gaelic 'Mac Giollain,' which means 'son of the young lad.' This surname was usually bestowed upon the youngest son in the family, signifying the continuation of the family lineage.

The rich history associated with my surname is deeply intertwined with the socio-political fabric of Ireland. The bearers of the Gillen name were known to be active in cultural, economic, and religious spheres, contributing to the establishment and growth of early Gaelic societies. They held positions of respect and power within their communities and were known for their exceptional contribution to literature, arts, and sciences of the region. Consequently, my Gillen ancestors left an influential footprint on the historical canvas of Ireland.

Having my DNA tested, I'm learning that the Gillen lineage is deeply embedded in Ireland's history. Specifically, my ancestors were part of the Northern regions of Ireland, including Donegal and Tyrone. It's fascinating to realize I share a palpable connection with the ancient instances of heroism, resilience, and enduring Gaelic spirit that shaped Ireland.

iGENEA test has made it possible for me to learn traces of Viking heritage within my genealogy, particularly from the 9th and 10th centuries when the Viking invasions and settlements occurred in Ireland. This Viking presence could potentially explain the wandering spirit that seems to permeate through the generations of my family.

Through iGENEA DNA testing, I've not only reconnected with the historical chapters of my lineage but also enhanced my understanding of the cultural landscapes that the Gillen ancestors traversed. Unraveling the tapestry of my ancestral past has been both enlightening and enriching.

K. Gillen

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