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The DNA profile of Sayyid Ajjal

Are you related to the first governor of China?

Discover a possible family connection with the first governor of China and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of a governor of China

Sayyid Ajjal Abubakr Shams al-Din Omar, better known as Sayyid Ajjal, is a significant historical figure who lived in China during the Yuan Dynasty, from about 1279 to 1368 A.D. According to traditional accounts, he was a great-grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and thus a member of Muhammad's influential progeny.

The name Sayyid Ajjal means "Lord, the Righteous" in Arabic and is an obvious reminder of Sayyid Ajjal's legacy and his role in the Chinese Empire. It is believed that Sayyid Ajjal was born in Bukhara, in what is now Uzbekistan. He came from a family with deep Islamic upbringing and was himself a scholar of Islam.

Sayyid Ajjal served his emperor faithfully and was part of the Chinese imperial family despite his foreign birth. He climbed to the highest ranks of the administrative elite in the Yuan Dynasty and played a major role in strengthening the influence of the royal family. He served as the first governor of Yunnan during the era of Kublai Khan and helped consolidate the Chinese Empire's control over this remote and tribally dominated part of their territory.

His rule in Yunnan has been praised for his just and effective governance experience. Despite the diverse ethnic and cultural differences in the region, he managed to maintain peace and effectively secure control over the area. His contribution to improving infrastructure, including the construction of roads and bridges to promote trade, has contributed to his recognition. His just and humane treatment of the people of this region has consolidated his position of power and contributed to the peaceful incorporation of the region into the Chinese Empire.

Despite his Islamic background and religion, Sayyid Ajjal recognized the need to respect and integrate Chinese culture into his governance. He respected local traditions and customs and allowed the population to practice their own religions and beliefs.

Sayyid Ajjal is known in China for both his rule and cultural influence. Both Muslim and Confucian influences can be seen in the way he governed. Even after his death, his life was extensively documented by Chinese historians, and he remains an esteemed figure in Chinese history.

Taken as a whole, Sayyid Ajjal is seen as an outstanding example of a foreign official who rose to prominence in the Chinese Empire and played both a significant political and cultural role. His story is a testament to the diversity that existed in China during the Yuan Dynasty and serves as a sign of the cultural exchange and integration that took place during this period.

Sayyid Ajjal belonged to haplogroup L-M20 (subgroup L-M76) in the paternal line.

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Discovering Boundless Ancestral Ties: A DNA Journey with iGENEA to Sayyid Ajjal

Taking an iGENEA DNA test marked a thrilling voyage into my genetic makeup. Discovering a familial connection with Sayyid Ajjal, a notable governor from the Yuan Dynasty, was deeply enlightening, offering an empowering tie to history. (A. Wehland)

Upon receiving my iGENEA DNA test kit in the mail, I was filled with a mix of apprehension and excitement. The idea of tracing my ancestry back in time was as thrilling as it was intimidating - what secrets lay buried within my DNA? The carefully-packaged test kit was convenient and straightforward to use - a simple cheek swab, sent back in the provided envelope.

Over the next few weeks, as I patiently awaited my results, I couldn't help but ponder the possibilities. The anticipation grew, along with a swell of latent curiosity about my genetic past. Who were these ancestors and what stories did they carry?

Unexpectedly, the email notification from iGENEA marked a historic and life-altering moment. To my astonishment, they highlighted a significant genetic link to Sayyid Ajjal, a renowned governor of Yunnan during the Yuan Dynasty. I was flabbergasted, never having anticipated ties to the figure who made notable contributions to the development of Southwestern China.

iGENEA's detailed report was impressive. It explored the historical context of my lineage and my connection to Sayyid Ajjal. It's an empowering feeling to carry the DNA of someone so impactful in history, making it a personal journey into the past filled with profound revelations. There's a shared sense of pride and heritage that seems to tether me to Sayyid Ajjal despite the centuries that separate us.

This information added depth to my family's narrative, a sense of fulfillment that traditional genealogical research could never provide. Beyond the shared DNA, my connection with Sayyid Ajjal became a passageway that led to a deeper exploration of the Yuan Dynasty and the remarkable history of China.

iGENEA's DNA test processing was an enlightening experience. It proffers a unique way of connecting to the past and understanding one's roots. It was more than just a test; it was an unveiling of heritage, a doorway to understanding my familial past and, more vitally, myself.

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