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The DNA profile of Albert Einstein

Are you related to the most famous scientist?

Discover a possible family connection with the famous scientist and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of a scientist

Albert Einstein was a physicist from Germany who was born in the Kingdom of Württemberg on March 14, 1879. His parents, Hermann and Pauline Einstein, were both from Jewish families and owned a carry-out business in Munich. When Einstein was three years old, his family emigrated to Italy and then moved to Germany, where Albert attended school.

Albert Einstein was a brilliant scientist who made crucial advances in the development of modern physics. He formulated specific theories about gravity, relativity, energy, and the structure of the universe. His most famous work, the general theory of relativity, was one of the most revolutionary ideas in modern science.

Einstein's contribution to science was recognized with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. His other achievements include the founding of quantum theory and the development of modern photonics. In the late 1920s, Einstein emigrated to America, where he lived in Princeton and worked at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Einstein's family history goes back a long way. His great-grandfather was Jakob Weil, a Jewish merchant from Westhausen, who was born in Schwetzingen in 1818. Since then, quite a few generations of Einsteins have been scattered throughout the region, and the family has spread out in different lines over the years.

There are many famous names in Einstein's family. Some of the most famous members of his family tree include researcher and inventor Johann Philipp Reis, chemist and anti-war activist Leo Henkind, painter and sculptor Ludwig Meidner, and literary critic Max Brod. Living descendants such as Nobel laureate Robert A. Mundell, physiologist Milton Wainwright and composer Jocelyn Pook are also among the impressive list.

Einstein's influence on science is undisputed. He contributed greatly to the modern understanding of physics through his ideas on gravitational field theory and relativity. His research ultimately led to the development of modern technologies such as the nuclear reactor, radiation therapy, and nuclear weapons. Albert Einstein changed the face of science and today many people recognize his undeniable influence on our modern world.

Albert Einstein belonged to haplogroup E (subgroup E-PF1952) in the paternal line.

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