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The DNA profile of the Piast

Are you related to the Piast?

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The DNA of the Piast

The Piast dynasty was a Slavic ruling dynasty that is considered the founder of the Polish state and ruled from the second half of the 10th century until the 14th century. The dynasty's name comes from Piast the Blacksmith, a legendary figure considered in Polish folklore to be the progenitor of the Piast dynasty.

The first historically confirmed figure of this dynasty is Mieszko I, who ruled the West Slavic tribe of Polans towards the end of the tenth century and converted them to Christianity. Under his rule, a Polish dominion began to form, expanding westward and northward. His son Bolesław I, called the Brave, was the first Polish ruler to be crowned king.

The Piast dynasty produced many important rulers in its history. Among them were kings and dukes who significantly contributed to the consolidation and expansion of the Polish state. For example, a well-known representative is Władysław I, called the Elbow High, who ruled in the 14th century. He is known for his efforts to reunite the Kingdom of Poland, which had broken up into several smaller duchies since the extinction of the original main line of the Piasts in the early 14th century.

The last direct line of the Piasts ended with King Casimir III, called the Great, one of the most famous and beloved rulers in Polish history. After his death in 1370, members of the Hungarian Angevin dynasty, and later the Polish-Lithuanian Union of Jagiellonians, succeeded the Piasts on the Polish throne.

The history of the Piast dynasty is of particular interest to historians and genealogists, as they greatly influenced and shaped the development and expression of Polish statehood and identity. Their legacy is highly valued in Polish culture and identity to this day. A number of cities and regions bear names that date back to the Piast dynasty, including Piastów, a city in the center of Poland, and the Piast Way region, which encompasses a number of historic sites and landscapes associated with the dynasty.

In summary, the Piast dynasty is one of the most important dynasties in Polish history. Their contributions to the political, religious and cultural development of Poland are still visible and recognized today.

The Piasts belong to the haplogroup R-M343 in the paternal line.

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