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The DNA profile of Clan Chattan

Are you related to the Chattan clan?

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The DNA of Clan Chattan

The Clan Chattan, whose roots go back to the 13th century, is a union of Scottish clans that has grown over decades. The origins of the clan lie in the Highlands, a special region of Scotland in many respects. There, nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, the unique community of Clan Chattan was born.

Clan Chattan is also known as Clan Catan or Clan Chatan and consists of several branches, including the well-known Clans MacKintosh and MacPherson. The expansion of Clan Chattan and its division into further sub-clans can be traced not only through history, but also genealogically. This is because the members of Clan Chattan were related to each other over the years, thus linking historical events with the transmission of genetic information.

According to the prevailing legend, Clan Chattan was founded by Gillechattan Mor, a powerful warrior from Moray who lived in the 11th century. He is said to have obtained land in Glenlui and Laoigh in Lochaber by marriage. Since Gillechattan Mor had no sons, he bequeathed his estate to his nephew and adopted son Eva, son of Gillichattan Mor of Moy.

There are a number of split-offs and sub-groups of the clan with their own clan names. In all, more than a dozen clans belong to the extended Clan Chattan. However, Clan Mackintosh forms the nominal main tribe within it, followed by Clans MacBean, MacPhail, and Farquharson. Several smaller clans and families complete the unity of Clan Chattan.

Popular is especially the history of the clan Chattan in connection with the famous battle of North Inch. In 1396, thirty men from Clan Chattan fought thirty men from Clan Kay in a bloody battle to end a long-standing dispute. Clan Chattan also played a role in political affairs. Among other things, they actively supported the Jacobite uprisings in the 18th century.

During the 17th century it became common for clans to have hereditary clan chiefs, in the case of Clan Chattan the chief was an elected Mackintosh. However, other influential representatives also played a major role, such as the MacPhersons, who claimed the title of "Captains of Clan Chattan" in 1665.

The clan also contributed to social life by promoting education, exercising the rights of its members, and supporting the local economy. Today, Clan Chattan is known for its contribution to Scottish history and the heritage of the Scottish Highlands.

Thus, Clan Chattan is an integral part of Scottish culture and history. It combines long-standing traditions, strong ties and pride - values that can be demonstrated through both genetic genealogy and the rich history of the Scottish Highlands.

Clan Chattan belongs to haplogroup R-M343 (subgroup R-Y16858) in the paternal line.

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