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The DNA profile of Bernie Sanders

Are you related to the famous politician?

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The DNA of a presidential candidate

Bernie Sanders, with his distinctive Brooklyn accent and passionate rhetoric, has become one of the most influential political figures in the United States. As an advocate of progressive socialism, he has had a significant impact on the political debate in the United States. But behind the politician is a profound story of heritage and family that has shaped his values and beliefs.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 8, 1941, to Jewish immigrants, Bernie experienced the challenges of life in a working-class family. His father, Eli Sanders, emigrated from Poland while his birthplace was occupied by the Nazis in the 1920s. Many of Sanders' relatives fell victim to the Holocaust. His mother, Dorothy Glassberg, came from a Jewish family in New York. His parents' stories and experiences of economic insecurity and persecution had a profound influence on Sanders' worldview.

Sanders studied at the University of Chicago, where he became actively involved in the civil rights movement. After moving to Vermont in the 1960s, he began his political career, first as mayor of Burlington and later as a U.S. congressman and senator.

Throughout his long political career, Sanders has consistently defended workers' rights, health care for all and the fight against economic inequality. His 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns mobilized millions and brought issues like the minimum wage and tuition-free tuition to the forefront of the national debate.

In his private life, Sanders married Jane O'Meara, with whom he maintains a close relationship with their three children. From a previous relationship, Sanders also has a son, Levi.

Overall, Bernie Sanders' life and career symbolize a tireless fight for justice and equality. Shaped by his family's experiences and his Jewish heritage, he stands as a testament to how background and beliefs can shape a person's path.

Bernie Sanders belongs to haplogroup J-M304 in the paternal line and to haplogroup H (subgroup H11a) in the maternal line.

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Discovering a Shared Ancestry with Senator Bernie Sanders: An iGENEA DNA Test Review

This is a fascinating tale of using iGENEA's user-friendly DNA test, which unveils unexpected family ties with U.S Senator Bernie Sanders. The process is incredibly streamlined, making the intimidating science of genetics elementary. (T. Janda)

Starting my journey with iGENEA felt like embarking on a spectacular adventure into the unknown, which turned into a fascinating tryst with my family tree, revealing more than just names. It turned out I share lineage with none other than the U.S senator, Bernie Sanders.

I had shipped my cheek swab sample to iGENEA without giving it any serious thought. The entire shipping process was elementary and it took the guesswork out of what could have been a daunting task. The DNA kit was user-friendly; all it took was a few tricks to properly collect the DNA sample. I can't stress enough how impressed I was with the step-by-step instructions that came included.

Despite the seemingly complicated science behind the analysis, from a customer's perspective, iGENEA made things incredibly streamlined. The email update announcing the receipt of my sample was reassuring. Within a few weeks, my results were ready for viewing on their secure webpage. The wait was worthwhile.

The revelation that I share a common ancestry with Bernie Sanders was spellbinding. To say it was a pleasant surprise would be an understatement. Beyond just the names and shared familial ties, what iGENEA offers is an insight into your ancestors’ cultures, origins, and their journeys. I discovered newfound roots strewn across different locations and times, painting a rich tapestry of my genetic heritage.

The most admirable aspect, however, was the after-sales care offered by iGENEA. The customer service was prompt to my queries and concerns, further enhancing my experience. The interpretation of the results was thorough, adding depth to my understanding of my family roots.

Overall, the iGENEA DNA test created an unforgettable experience, offering a seismic shift in my own understanding of who I am and where I come from. The process from shipping to receiving my results was seamless. Plus, the revelation of sharing ancestry with Bernie Sanders added an unexpected twist to my story, which I always mention as a conversation starter!

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