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Surname Zackian - Meaning and Origin

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Zackian: What does the surname Zackian mean?

The last name Zackian is of Armenian origin and is derived from the Armenian word "zakon" which translates to "law". It is believed to have originally been a nickname for someone who was particularly law abiding or who had some power related to law. In some cases, the name may also have been adopted from individuals with the given name Zakar, which means "memorable".

The Zackian surname is most common in Armenia and its associated diaspora communities across the world. In the diaspora, the Zackian surname has been used in several countries, including America, France, Iran, Iraq, the Netherlands and Russia.

The Zackian name has been borne by many notable people, such as Gevorg Adamyan, a Soviet Armenian footballer, or Yevgeniya Zakian, a Russian pianist. Other members of the Zackian family include jewelry designer Evan Zackian, philosopher Albert S. Zackian, physicist Yervant A. Zackian, mathematician Levon N. Zackian and French singer Stephan Zakians.

The Zackian family is credited with having a long history of scholarship and accomplishments. From war to agriculture, medicine to education, these individuals have dedicated their lives to making a better world for future generations. With true Armenian hospitality, the Zackian family continues to inspire courage, knowledge, respect, and integrity in all aspects of life.

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Zackian: Where does the name Zackian come from?

Zackian is believed to be an uncommon name today; it is even difficult to find records of any current Zackians. However, research reveals that it is historically a surname of Armenian origin, derived from the Armenian given name "Zachar," meaning "remembered." This name, and its corresponding spelling Zackian, was found in abundance in the United States Census of 1880, mainly by those of Armenian descent. There may also have been some depiction of this name in Turkey, Lebanon, and even Syria in the early 20th century.

This is not to say that there is no trace of the Zackian name today. Records from the 1990 United States Census suggests that a few individuals with the last name Zackian may still be residing in some parts of the United States. There have also been some profiles traced to California, particularly in Los Angeles, as well as in parts of the southeastern United States, particularly in Alabama and Georgia.

It is difficult to trace the history of the Zackian family, yet the one thing that is certain is that it is indeed a very uncommon name today. There may still be Zackians out there, and further research should be conducted to confirm this.

Variations of the surname Zackian

The surname Zackian is believed to be of Armenian origin and can be spelled in various forms, such as Zaknian, Zakhian, Zackin, Zakinyan, Zakhinyan and Zakhinian. These names all come from two Armenian roots, specifically the given name "Zazzak" and the suffix "-ian", which means "son of".

The Zackian surname is found all over the world and has numerous variants. In the United States, there are 28 spellings of the surname, including Zachian, Zaghian, Zakian, Zakarian and Zakkarian.

In Armenia, the most prevalent spelling of the surname is Zakinyan (Ձակինյան). In Turkey, the most common spelling is Zakhinyan (زخينيان). In Russia, the most common spelling is Zakhian (Захиан). In Iran, the common spelling is Zakian (زاخیان).

The most common related surnames are Zakharian, Zakarian, Zakhoyan, Zakhoyants and Zakhoyantsyan, all of which have deriving from the root name "Zazzak".

A few famous individuals with this surname include Armenian comedian Sevak Zakarian, Iranian singer Soil Sakhian and Russian opera singer Zakharenko Zakharian.

Famous people with the name Zackian

  • Christina Zackian: Actress known for her roles in Wednesday, Undone, and Searching
  • Peter Zackian: Entrepreneur, Founder of Lendio and ZQ Ventures
  • Gregg Zackarian: Emmy Award-winning Journalist
  • Marni Zackian: Writer, Producer and Co-Founder of What Matters Now
  • Logan Zackarian: Actor and Musician
  • Deborah Zackian: Businesswoman, Co-Founder of Eyde Streets, Inc
  • Stephen Zackian: Actor starred in Big Time Rush and Hit the Road
  • Brad Zackian: Author and Cultural Critic
  • Seth Zackian: Music Producer and Co-Founder of Audiotree
  • Suzanna Zackian: Musician and Lead Singer/Songwriter of the band Little Embers

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