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Surname Zackham - Meaning and Origin

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Zackham: What does the surname Zackham mean?

The last name Zackham is of Old English origin, and likely originates in a place name. The word "Zackham" is a combination of two Old English words "zacce" meaning "dry" or "barren" and "ham" meaning "river meadow". This suggests that the Zackham surname likely refers to a dry or barren meadow located near a river, making it likely that the original bearers of the name were settlers of a small farming village or hamlet.

The Zackham family likely originated in the English county of Herefordshire, where there are a number of places with the "Zackham" spelling. Records indicate that many Zackham men served in the English military during the 18th century, suggesting that those with the surname likely had more military than farming backgrounds.

In America, the Zackham family was one of the very first settlers of New Jersey and possibly of the Original Thirteen Colonies of America. The first to arrive was Edward Zackham, who immigrated to New Jersey in 1664 and is known to have had a large family. His descendants spread and prospered throughout the early United States and the Zackham surname continues to thrive today.

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Zackham: Where does the name Zackham come from?

The last name Zackham is not common today, but there are a few areas in which it can be found. Most commonly, the Zackham name is seen in the United States, primarily in the midwest and south. There are also pockets of Zackhams located in Canada and in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, Zackhams are most prevalent in Ohio, where about 13 percent of the population with this surname resides. Other states where Zackhams traditionally live include Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. In both Canada and the United Kingdom, however, the Zackham surname carries far less weight and is mostly found among those of British and French descent.

The Zackham surname is fairly rare in the present day and is not often found in records. In recent years, it has declined in popularity, with fewer people adopting the Zackham surname as their own. Additionally, members of the same family tend to have varied spellings of the name. Therefore, it is not easy to determine how many individuals today have the Zackham surname.

Variations of the surname Zackham

Zackham is a surname derived from the German form Zachmann. It is most common in the United States but also found in Germany, England, Scotland, and various parts of Europe. This surname has many variants and alternate spellings including Zackheim, Zakham, Zakheim, Zaham, and Zecherman. The surname is a combination of the German words "Zach," which means "remembrance of God," and "mann," which means "man."

This name may have originated from a person who either went by the name of Zack or was known because of his religious devotion to God. It may also have been derived from a place, either an actual location or a biblical reference in the Book of Zechariah.

Given its history, this surname has been spelled many different ways. Some common variants include Zackman, Zecherman, Zechman, Sachman, Zachman, Zehman, and Zakman. These variants can also be found in the United States, especially in Pennsylvania.

In addition, there are various other surnames that have been linked to Zackham through variations in spelling. These alternate surnames include Zecher, Zachem, Zakhem, Zahhem, Zechermann, and Zechmann.

The spelling of the surname has evolved over time and is still being changed in various parts of the world. For example, the name has been changed to Zackham in the United States to make it less Germanic, while in Germany it is still spelled Zachmann. No matter the spelling, Zackham is a unique and powerful surname that has passed from generation to generation.

Famous people with the name Zackham

  • Zachary Zackham: American entrepreneur and founder of MedX, a digital health company
  • Zachary B. Zackham: Award-winning civil rights and human rights attorney
  • Adam Zackham: American actor and multi-instrumentalist best known for his roles in various crime and thriller television series
  • Adela Zackham: Argentine actress and television host
  • Abbi Zackham: Australian film director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Rob Zackham: American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE
  • Jeffrey Zackham: Screenwriter, producer, and director of The Bucket List (2008)
  • Richard Zackham: British actor, writer, and director best known for The Bounty Hunter (2009)
  • Issac Zackham: American basketball player who has played in the NBA for several teams
  • Sammy Zackham: British singer and songwriter best known for her single “River” (2018)

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