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Surname Taheri - Meaning and Origin

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Taheri: What does the surname Taheri mean?

Taheri is a Persian surname which means ‘righteous’, ‘pious’ or ‘virtuous’. It originates from the Middle East and is often found among families of various Islamic backgrounds. Though this name can be found in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and even Afghanistan, it is more common among Muslim families in India.

The name is likely derived from the Arabic Muslim name Taher, which is also transcribed as Tahir. The word Taher means sincere or free from sin, which is why it is also thought to mean ‘righteous’ or ‘pious’. This is why many Muslim families choose this name for babies as an expression of their commitment to virtues of Islamic beliefs.

Since Islamic beliefs strongly emphasize righteousness, piety, and the virtues of being an upstanding person, having Taheri as a last name can mean that a family’s members demonstrate that these are the qualities that they want to pass down from generation to generation. As such, families with this last name can be proud to reflect the values and morals of their faith.

Today, Taheri is still used as a surname across the Middle East, especially in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and India. It is still a popular choice in name for newborn babies in order to honour and remember the values of peace, love, and justice that are essential components of Islamic beliefs.

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Taheri: Where does the name Taheri come from?

The last name Taheri is common today in countries of the Middle East such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Turkey. The Taheri surname is thought to have been derived from the Arabic taher, meaning “pure” or “righteous”. This naming trend was common in regions that were under Islamic rule, as parents often chose to name their children with religious connotations.

The Taheri family first emerged in southeast Iran and expanded rapidly across the region. With the rise of Shi'ite rule in the 12th century, the Taheri family quickly rose to power, becoming scholars, governors, and military commanders. Today, members of the Taheri family have gone on to make a name for themselves in renowned professions like medicine, politics, commerce, and the military, to name a few.

The Taheri name is consistently present in today’s Middle Eastern countries and has even reached European countries like France and Germany. In recent years, some members of the Taheri family have moved to the United States, further expanding their reach.

In conclusion, the last name Taheri is popular in the Middle Eastern region and is now found in European countries as well as the United States. Its proud members have contributed significantly to many different fields in the society.

Variations of the surname Taheri

The surnameTaheri, and its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, all stem from the root name “Taher” (meaning pure or clean in Arabic). It is a common Muslim name due to its association with the fourteenth Muslim imam, Taher ibn Hussain.

Variations of the surname Taheri include Tahir, Tair, Tajir, Tehir, Tehre, Tehrir, Thaher, Thehir, Thehrir, and Tyhir. Other surnames that stem from Taheri, but may not appear to be related due to spelling, include Thayer, Tahari, Tahiri, Tahara, Tawari, Tianer, Tahery, Tahliri, Sahari, Shahrai, and Shaheari.

Variations of the surname Taheri are seen around the world, in the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and North Africa. Taheri is particularly common in Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. At the same time, this popular surname is found amongst Sephardi Jews of Portugal, the Netherlands, and France.

Although the spelling may vary, the meaning of each of these surnames remains the same: pure. This is why the name is so common amongst Muslims and Sephardic Jews alike.

Famous people with the name Taheri

  • Mahmud Taheri: a renowned British-Iranian politician, he was instrumental in rebuilding Iranian communities in London.
  • Amir Taheri: an Iranian-born political analyst and commentator who writes columns for various newspapers and magazines.
  • Pezhman Taheri: an Iranian footballer and former international player who played for teams such as Persepolis F.C.
  • Morteza Taheri: an Iranian politician and member of the Islamic Coalition party who served as the Minister of Justice in the cabinet of President Rouhani.
  • Saeed Taheri: an Iranian-born artist and illustrator who has created works for major publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Yorker.
  • Mansour Taheri: a leading theologian in Iran and a former Minister of Cultural Affairs under President Khatami.
  • Mahin Taheri: an Iranian journalist and activist, who has published several books on women's rights in Iran and their legal status.
  • Nima Taheri: an Iranian-born journalist and editor of Faradelan, a magazine which focuses on Iranian immigrant issues.
  • Gholam Taheri: an Iranian referee and former referee manager of the Iranian Football Federation.
  • Ali Taheri: an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer and founding member of the Basij militia.

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