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Surname Presbry - Meaning and Origin

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Presbry: What does the surname Presbry mean?

The last name Presbry is believed to be of English origin, with its beginnings found in the Anglo-Saxon language. It was thought to be derived from the Olde English “preost” or “priest” and “byrig” which translates to “town” or “settlement”, making the name Presbry roughly translate to “priest’s settlement”. The earliest occurrence of the name has been identified in 1275 in Buckinghamshire. It is also thought that the name has origins in a small village west of York, in Yorkshire, England.

The surname Presbry is thought to be a habitation name, which means that it is likely in reference to a town, parish or village. It is believed that those who originally held the name of Presbry were individuals who resided in a small settlement in Britain typically established by a priest. Through the generations, individuals bearing the surname Presbry would have settled in various areas, eventually spreading the name around.

Presbry is not a common surname, however over the centuries it has been sporadically found in various parts of England. It is unclear exactly how many individuals currently utilize the Presbry last name, however it is believed that there are still a handful of families who bear the surname.

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Presbry: Where does the name Presbry come from?

Presbry is a rare surname that is found exclusively in the United States. The most recent records show that the name is mainly concentrated in states such as California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Texas. According to the US Census Bureau, between 2000 and 2010, Presbry was one of the fastest declining surnames in the US, with the population declining by more than 50 percent over that time period. It is likely that this is due to the infrequency of the surname, as well as the fact that many Presbry’s have intermarried and taken new surnames.

Presbry is thought to be of English and Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic “presbrey,” which means “stubborn priest.” It is likely that the surname originated with a priest who stayed in one location, hence the “stubborn” moniker. Many records indicate that the Presbrys arrived in America in the late 17th century and settled in Pennsylvania, though there have been numerous other Presbry’s to arrive in other states since then.

In the US today, Presbry mainly remains in the Midwest and West Coast. Some records suggest that there is a small population in the South as well, but their numbers are much fewer. There is evidence of multiple branches of the Presbry family tree, which suggests that the surname has also been used by several different families around the US over the centuries. While Presbry is not as commonly found today as other surnames, its history is still remembered by those who are familiar with it.

Variations of the surname Presbry

Presbry is a variant spelling of the surname Presbury. It is more commonly found in the United States, particularly in New England. Presbury is thought to have been an English surname originating from the compound personal name Prestbiry, composed of the Old English preost 'priest' and burg 'enclosed settlement'. The surname Presbry can also be found as Presberrie, Presbeary, Presburry, Presbere, Presberee, Presburye, and Presberry.

Presbry is also found as Presburgh, a variant from the Dutch spelling stemming from the original English version. This variant can be found in records as early as the 17th century in the United States, with a family line stemming from New Amsterdam in modern day New York.

Presbry is also found as Presbitry, a variant form of English Presbury. This spelling is also found in the United States and is believed to have arrived in the early 17th century, most likely via the Dutch variant Presburgh.

Presby is a Scottish and Northern Irish variant of Presbry. The most likely origin of this surname is a variant of the English name Presbury. It can also be found spelled as Presbey, Presbee, and Presbi. The surname is thought to have originated in Scotland but is now common in name throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.

Finally, Presbury is a variant spelling of Presbry, and is thought to originate from the English surname Prestbury, composed of preost 'priest' and burg 'enclosed settlement'. This surname can be found in records as early as the 13th century, mostly in the south of England. It is still a common surname throughout England and Ireland.

Famous people with the name Presbry

  • Ty Presley: American record producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Mack Smith Presbry: American authority on linens and textiles.
  • Beverly Presbry: Artist and a noted photographer.
  • Tim Presbry: Former NFL linebacker who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders.
  • Devyn Presbry: American child actor from the early 2000s best known for appearing in the made-for-TV film IT's Gotta Be Santa.
  • Ryan Presbry: Jazz/Rock/Pop musician based in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Junius Presbry: Musician and producer based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Erica Presbry: Noted photographer and former teacher based in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Trinity Presbry: British television personality, comic writer and actor.
  • Anita Presbry: American blues guitarist and vocalist.

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