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Surname Cakici - Meaning and Origin

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Cakici: What does the surname Cakici mean?

The last name Cakici is of Turkish origin and is typically found in Turkey and among Turkish-Americans and Istanbul residents. The name derives from an old Turkish word “cakici,” which refers to a religious leader or shaman. In other words, someone with the last name Cakici was most likely descended from a family that had a religious leader or shaman in its ancestral line.

The name has also been known to refer to a tailor or tailor’s family. In ancient times, tailoring was a skill that was often passed down through generations and as such, people bearing the Cakici name may have had family members who were tailors by trade.

Cakici is the 806th most common surname in Turkey and is typically used as part of a male naming tradition. The name may also be linked to the old Turkish word for ‘wild animal’, which could imply a family that has had long-standing connections to hunting or animal husbandry.

In any case, the surname carries associations to a long-held custom of carrying out a spiritual or religious duty, as well as the persistent craft of tailoring. Whether the name actually indicates a line of descended shamans or tailors or not, it remains a significant symbol of Turkish heritage and tradition.

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Cakici: Where does the name Cakici come from?

The last name Cakici is a Turkish or Albanian surname, typically found in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It is particularly common in Turkey, especially in the western part of the country, with many Cakicis living in the city of Izmir. It's also seen in other parts of the region, such as Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

In terms of international presence, however, Cakici can also be seen in many parts of the globe. In the United States, for instance, many Turkish Americans, Bosnia Americans, and Albanian Americans may have Cakici ancestors who migrated to the US in the early 1900s. Cakici is also a surname that can be found in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and elsewhere in Europe.

The last name has a few variations as well. For instance, Cakici may also be written as Cakiçi, Chakçi, or Çakici. As Turkish orthography has changed over time, so too have certain spellings of surnames like Cakici.

In sum, the last name Cakici is quite common in the Balkan region and many parts of Europe. It is also seen in other places around the world, often having been brought by migrants from Turkey or other parts of southeastern Europe.

Variations of the surname Cakici

The surname Cakici (also spelled as Jäkic, Jäkitsch, Jäckich, Jäckisch and Jakic) has various variants and spellings depending on the geographical region. This surname is of South Slavic origin and primarily found among ethnic Bosniaks in the South East European region.

The Cakici surname is believed to be derived from the Turkish word “çakıcı”, which means “one who is armed with a sickle”. This surname is thought to have originated as an occupational name to describe someone who made or sold sickles as his profession.

Variations of the Cakici surname can be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. For instance, in some regions it is spelled as Çakıcı, Čakić, Çakić, Çakič or Ćakić. Similarly, some of the surnames related to Cakici in Bulgarian regions include Chakirkov and Chakarova.

In some parts of the country, Cakici is also used as a nickname to describe the character of the bearer. For instance, in some parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Cakici is associated with a strong man who loves adventures and is brave.

The Cakici surname is quite common in the South East Europe region and is still used by many families who were once native to the region. Although the spelling and pronunciation of this surname may vary slightly according to the region, they all originate from the same root – the Turkish word “çakıcı”.

Famous people with the name Cakici

  • Emre Cakici: Turkish professional footballer.
  • Ömer Faruk Cakici: Turkish football manager.
  • Ali Cakici: Turkish professional footballer.
  • Serdar Cakici: Turkish actor.
  • Ibrahim Cakici: Turkish professional basketball player.
  • Mert Cakici: Turkish professional footballer.
  • Yalcin Cakici: Turkish professional footballer.
  • Zafer Cakici: Turkish model and actor.
  • Haluk Cakici: Turkish film editor.
  • Yasin Cakici: Turkish professional footballer.
  • Serkan Cakici: Turkish poet and author.
  • İsmail Cakici: Turkish filmmaker.
  • Perihan Cakici: Turkish architect.
  • Mustafa Cakici: Turkish engineer.
  • Ahmet Cakici: Turkish painter.
  • Selim Cakici: Turkish actor.
  • Isil Cakici: Turkish photographer.
  • Uğur Cakici: Turkish international footballer.
  • Muzaffer Cakici: Turkish regional public prosecutor.
  • Erkan Cakici: Turkish composer and musician.

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