Percentaged origin

The origin of all ancestors is determined according to regions and percentages. A world map shows your different origins.

Find relatives

You will receive a list of genetic relatives in your online result. You can contact your relatives by email to find out more about your family and background.

Result with certificate

In addition to the online result, you will receive a noble certificate of origin in a picture frame and other documents in an elegant folder.

Ancient tribe

You will know the haplogroup and migrations (prehistoric time), the ancient tribe (antiquity) as well as the region of origin (Middle Ages) of the paternal line (men) OR the maternal line (women).

All ancient tribes

Only with the iGENEA Expert Test you will know the exact haplogroups and migrations (prehistoric times), the peoples of origin (antiquity) and regions of origin (Middle Ages) of the paternal AND maternal line.

Find all relatives

Only with the iGENEA Expert Test you will find all your genetic relatives in our database.

More relatives

You will receive an additional list of other relatives of the paternal line (men) OR the maternal line (women).

Personal guidance

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The XENOS Surname Project

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The Xenos Family Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find our common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. All variant spellings are welcome. If your Surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it. Some common questions, "Are we related?" or "As Xenos means Stranger, were are we really from?". Well, DNA testing has the answer. Join and let's learn the facts.

Other surnames in Project

Kinos, Ksenos, Xamos, Xanis, Xanos, Xemos, Xenas, Xenes, Xenis, Xenos, Xenou, Xinas, Xinos, Zanis, Zanos, Zenas, Zenis, Zenos, Zinas, Zinno, Zinos

Join the XENOS surname project

If you want to join the XENOS project please order your DNA test here.